Product Design
Visual / Motion Design
June - October, 2018

How does design impact on user growth?


• Designed high-traffic motion graphic banners which raised 125% click and conversion rate.

• Participated in designing Referral Minimum Viable Product which launch by the end of my internship for the entire Chinese market. The Referral Product decreased user acquisition cost and provided insights for future user growth.

In summer 2018, I interned at Udacity as a product designer in Shanghai, China. As a designer in a fast-growing internet company, I have worked closely with the product team, engineer team, and growing team. I mainly work with two amazing designers at Udacity, who mentored me to dismantle big problems and design an end-to-end user experience following the design and branding system. Also, I learned hands-on experiences in data-driven design and design sprint cycles.

Due to the NDA, I am unable to share specific details about some projects. If you have questions about my experience, feel free to drop me a line. Here are some works I selected and launched publicly.



Working with the design and growth team, We have developed Udacity branding system that suites Chinese Market, I owned and delivered the icon sets.